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Top 100 Universities in Nigeria – 2017

Year 2017 Edition of the top 100 universities in
Nigeria as released by the 4 International
Colleges & Universities (4ICU) Organization.

Based on the ranking released by 4
International Colleges & Universities (4ICU), an international higher education search engine and directory reviewing accredited universities and colleges in the world, we present you the top 100 universities in Nigeria for the year 2017.

Top 100 Universities in Nigeria 2017.


< td style="height: 24px;">Joseph Ayo Babalola University

1University of IbadanIbadan
2University of LagosLagos
3Obafemi Awolow
o University
4Ahmadu Bello UniversityZaria
5University of IlorinIlorin
6Covenant UniversityOta
7University of NigeriaNsukka …
of Benin
Ugbowo …
9University of AbujaAbuja
10University of Port HarcourtPort Harcourt
11Federal University of Technology, Minna
12Federal University of Technology, OwerriOwerri
13University of Agriculture, AbeokutaAbeokuta …
14Federal University, Oye-EkitiOye …
15Usmanu Danfodio UniversitySokoto
Lagos State UniversityOjo
17Federal University of Technology, AkureAk
18Babcock UniversityIlishan-Remo …
19Bayero University KanoKano
20American University of NigeriaYola
21Ladoke Akintola University of TechnologyOgbomoso …
22Afe Babal
ola University
23University of JosJos
24Landmark UniversityOmu-Aran
25Nnamdi Azikiwe UniversityAwka &
26University of UyoUyo
Tafawa Balewa University
28Michael Okpara University of AgricultureUmuahia
29Enugu State University of Science and TechnologyEnugu
ivers State University of Science and Technology
Port Harcourt
31Adekunle Ajasin UniversityAkungba Ako
ko …
32Benue State UniversityMakurdi
33Redeemer’s UniversityMowe
34Kwara State UniversityIlorin
35Veritas UniversityAbuja
36Osun State UniversityOshogbo …
37University of Agriculture, MakurdiMakurdi
38Nasarawa State UniversityKeffi
39African University of Science and TechnologyAbuja
40Ekiti State University, Ado EkitiAdo-Ekiti
41University of CalabarCalabar
42Kogi State UniversityAnyigba
43Tai Solarin University of EducationIjebu-Ode …
l University, Dutsin-Ma
45Ebonyi State UniversityAbakaliki
46Federal University, Ndufu-AlikeNdufu-Alike
47University of MaiduguriMaiduguri
48Umaru Musa Yar’Adua UniversityKatsina
49Nile University of NigeriaAbuja
50Bowen UniversityIwo
51Al-Hikmah UniversityIlorin …
lta State University, Abraka
53Niger Delta UniversityWilberforce Island Yenagoa
54Abia State UniversityUturu
55Ambrose Alli University< /td>Ekpoma
56Modibbo Adama University of TechnologyYola
57Federal University, OtuokeOtuoke
58Imo State UniversityOw
59Olabisi Onabanjo UniversityAgo Iwoye …
60Federal University of Petroleum ResourcesEffurun
61Kaduna State UniversityKaduna
62Federal University, LokojaLokoja
63Akwa Ibom
State University
64Benson Idahosa UniversityBenin City
65Paul UniversityAwka
66Federal University, DutseDu
67Ajayi Crowther UniversityOyo Town
68Lead City UniversityIbadan
69Bingham UniversityAuta Balifi
70Baze UniversityAbuja
71Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida UniversityLapai
72Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu UniversityUli
74Madonna UniversityOkija …
75Crawford UniversityFaith City …
76Cross River University of TechnologyCalabar …
77Caritas UniversityEnugu
78Ondo State University of Science and TechnologyOkitipupa
79Bells University of TechnologyOta
80Igbinedion University OkadaOkada …
81Elizade UniversityIlara-Mokin
82Achievers University, OwoOwo
83Caleb UniversityImota
84Kano University of Science and TechnologyWudil
85Federal University, LafiaLafia
86Sokoto State UniversitySokoto
88Adeleke UniversityEde
89Federal University, KashereKashere
90Federal University, WukariWuk
91University of MkarMkar
92Oduduwa U
Ile Ife
93Godfrey Okoye UniversityUgwuomu-Nike
94Taraba State UniversityJalingo
95Obong UniversityObong Ntak
96Yobe State UniversityDamaturu
97Renaissance UniversityEnugu
98Salem UniversityLokoja
99Wellspring UniversityBenin City
100Al-Qalam University, Katsina< /td>Katsina

What’s your say regarding the ranking?

Source: 4icu


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Last Days at Forcados High School

Critical Analysis of Last Days at Forcados High School

Table of Content

1. Summary of All Chapters in "The Last Days at Forcados High School Day"

2. Short Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed

3. Questions and answers from The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed

4. Roles and Analysis of Important Characters in The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed

5. Roles and Analysis of All Characters in The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed

6. Download The Last Days at Forcados High School PDF

7. About A.H Mohammed [The Author]

Short Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed

“As he begins his final year in senior secondary together with his friends, the sweet-hearted and devout Nene and Ansa , the nerdy art genius, he’s determined it’s going to be his best year yet.
But Jimi’s rogue brother, Wole , is back – which means trouble can’t be far behind.

Then there’s Efua , the beautiful and mysterious new girl in class who seems to have no time for boys – including Jimi.

But when Jimi’s mother falls ill, he realizes that things are about to change – and not necessarily in a good way.”

A funny and honest book about self-discovery, family, friendship, tolerance and the highs and lows of life as a modern Nigerian teenager.

Told in straightforward language, A.H. Mohammed never talks down to readers.

Instead, Last Days stands out with its realistic situations, original characters and deft storytelling.

Summary of All Chapters in "The Last Days at Forcados High School

CHAPTER 1 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

The room where Jimi Solade slept in belongs to his elder brother who has left home for some reasons. Wole entered very early in the morning to wake Jimi unexpectedly – Amazingly the both were surprised to see each other again in that very long period. They hugged lovingly and exchanged pleasantries that could transpires between brothers. The alarm cut their conversation which made Jimi get preparing for school, while Wole lied on the bed looking around the room feeling nostalgic about home. Jimi entering into the bathroom with the anxiety mixed with pleasures of seeing his brother again. Wole squeezed his arm highly to show a sign of I missed you. While Wole rummages the room, his eyes fell on a wrist watch which was in the mid of Jimi’s CD’s and textbooks. Don’t touch my watch’ Jimi voice splattered at Wole not to touch the watch. He knew Wole forhaving zest for good things. Inherently, Wole expresses his mind of Jimi having to enjoy better things than he does. However Wole took some money from his brother drawer ton keep body and soul, which Jimi is never bothered about. Mother was in the kitchen with Risikat the house maid while, Wole sat on the cushion hung chair to watch early morning cartoons, Jimi ate moin – moin and brown pap for breakfast. Mr. Solade woke up from his bed and came out with Kemi his wife name on his lips as he stumbled on one who greeted him ‘good morning, Papa’ – It’s Wole his Son whom he’s sent away from home since. He screamed in unfriendly manner which attracted Mrs. Solade from the kitchen to see whom has made his husband to be ranting that morning. She tried to calm him down but rather he bust into fury the more Jimi knew at that stage his father is enraptured already in anger. As the father asked Wole to leave his house immediately without any complaints. Mrs Solade shunted Kola to stop ranting and taking the issue to an extreme. After several plea to calm mr. Solade he left them in the parlour after he’s affirmed his stand about Wole to leave his house. She collapsed unto a chair as Mrs. Solade is already exhausted and tired of the whole saga. Wole didn’t feel too bad about the scenario that took place but rather he mentioned that’ he’s not a serious man as he grimed. Mother promised to relate the matter to uncle Shola who could talk to him. Jimi could not finish his breakfast because he lost appetite to do as he left the rest of the meal on the dining ruminating about this father’s irrational behaviors he’s unhappy. Outside the gate he tries to listen if he will hear the buses or the conductor sanding in their usual way already. Someone call out his name from afar – its next door neighbor and school mate - Ansa Izaegbegbe.

CHAPTER2 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Jimi and Ansa were in school early before the assembly commences. Jimi is one of the prefects in the school-At eight o’clock the head boy Seyi Lawal has started his duty to conduct the assembly which is quite of fun for him. The school Forcados high school has just resumed from the long holiday. The school hold great pride and honour because of the achievements the alma mater has gained in several competitions. The school is described with such modesty of a modern day edifice surrounded with beautiful flowers. The students were given a name as artificial; however, they have defeated other schools in assembly sessions of usual routine Mr Mallun the principal, a stout and slim man with a day accent welcomed all the students and announced officially the WAEC that will take place soon. The students left the assembly in procession into their various classes as Jimi and Ansa have a different moments with other classmates, sharing their past holiday experience with excitement. However, Ansa had a little attention as most students crowded round Jimi. The first days of term were always very cumbersome as same old faces show case their new style of dressing new phones and other things they could show off. Ansa detest the whole new secrecy as old because he’s come back to the same ugly moments in class especially people like Okoro the gorilla, the disturbing teacher Mr. Bade nicknamed as Cane who always find fault with students and willing to flog at any slight mistake, the musical hip-hop group ‘Rhymers’, Eze the die-hard contestant with Jimi in chemistry class and the nicknamed Queen bee who is Caro Jimi’s girlfriend. Jimi is exceptional child loved by all apart from being good in his academics, he’s also a toast when it comes to sporting activities in school. Ansa took pride in him that he think aloud about him that – ‘some people have all the hick’. The only thing Ansa could do is to paint. He’s of diverge talent with his friend Jimi. One of their friends lived in the same street with them she’s known as Nene Ekpo a plump girl with short plaits that makes her have a round face. Nana greeted Ansa and shared a secret she’s earnest napped about the new girl Efua who’s street a stone thrown to their houses that the new girl joins the SS3 students soon. After school Jimi relaxes behind a block of class rooms, an empty class where he eases off the tension that has encumbered him lately. The thought of his brother Wole entered him and several moments they had shared together, especially times they stored against their eldest brother Femi. The changes that has taken over Wole baffle him to sore that he wonder what may be of him soon after all Wole has passed through in hairs expulsion from the university, his waywardness the last time he visited by forging father’s sign at me to his account as he made away with some huge amount of money. He resolved in his mind that nothing would bother him anymore as he has a lot face with in the future. While he’s in that thought something jostled him abruptly which is the head boy summoning him for perfects meeting with the principal at his office. As they were about to enter the principal office they stumbled into two persons – an old woman dressed in a native attire and the other a young lady who had an unexplainable look not wearing uniform. Seyi asked Jimi who are they? Don’t know – Jimi muttered.

CHAPTER 3 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

There’re two people in a bobbling taxi car the girl Efua is of a gentle behavior while her mother complains throughout their journey until they get to a grey building, where funmi’s mother lived. She’s also moni the aunt to Efua. The mother came to drop her with his sister and promised to send a cheque for her to keep. However aunt Moni has discusses nothing important to her than forcados high school and those are affiliates to it like Nene Ekpo daughter of Pastor Ekpo. Efua is whereby accepted to stay with her aunty. Later on the day Nene and her mother visited Efua’s place where they were introduced to each other by Aunty moni, They get to know each other. Efua is a science student while Nene is commercial student. Afterwards they heard the girls’ talk about several other things. The next day Jimi carried out his duties on the assembly the new girl is on the assembly with nene watching the razzmatazz of Jimi as he prowl round the lines. Who is that girl – Jimi asked Ansa. Eventually, Efua met with the boys who are inquisitive about her arrival. The academic activity for the day as been lovely except for the first class where Mr bade barked at her, however she becomes a thing for question by other teachers too. Amongst the teacher is the middle age woman who teaches Maths .they seem to detest Efua because they believe new intakes would however the result of the school A bird brain .she’s summoned to Mr mallums office for question . it’s not easy to accept you the principal said Efua is a brilliant student .the straight A type she mistook for spoilt child the principal .the principal looked intenth at her after much discussion, you are under probation she left the principal’s office quietly as she discarded the gently behavior .she baffled at Mr mallums investigative by consult her former principal Mrs Obange, she ruminate over all that has happened to her in Abuja, her waywardness and all attitudes she took part in overtime she burst into tears .

CHAPTER 4 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Jimi returned from school to meet his father in a surely mood- he’s looking for his briefcase. He lost his appetite on the verge. Not too long Mrs Solade came out with the briefcase. Mr Solade muttered that or maybe he did and you’ve covering up for him” Jimi unconsciously spoke for his mother. Don’t talk to her like that. He uttered. Mr Solade pick up on him furiously. Mrs. Solade pleaded for him. The father stormed out with parts words – you see all of them ….. Bad! Jimi was happy that good riddance to bad things. Not too long, saw the parents through window flirting with each other Wole came home after Mr. Solade had left. With the intention to catch from with his brother which later culminated to going out to have some fun, they ended up at a dead end street with several uncompleted buildings where Jimi witnesses the unexpected at the expense of his decency and good habits. Although, he’s been in bad mood throughout the day. At the bar, Jimi decided to behave like a coded man’ however, trying to cover up his nervousness that the ugly face and dread lock man has seen and capitalizes on to make Jimi get drunk. While the men ensured that the brothers be soaked with alcohol to the extreme, there are whores in the corner. The Rat – face man worsened the saturation when he introduces – Indian hemp. However, Wole has lost himself in the fun of the moments Jimi just went not when the uniformed men invaded the spot. Jimi escaped the raid of the uniformed men by a slim chance. After mid night Wole came home with confidence like a hero who returned from war. He went to where Jimi’s jeans is hang and pulled out a packed of marijuana which amazes Jimi to worry.

Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Efua alone in her sacred room writing .where she turn into a world of her own. there she nostalgic about her formal; school St Catherine .little diary where she scripted her mind .At school every male student find her attractive while students nick names her (a witch) because of the way she decides to appears in dealing with other . Jimi has eyed her several turns that she ignored him .he took bow step to approach her –yet she snobs him .Jimi tried to attack her and she reacted in a way that made her exchange hot words with Jimi .After which Mr vann the physics teacher entered the class .In the class Jimi answer the question brilliant that also poked efua to jealousy. Jolly is one of the rude boy in school who saw Efua and tried to hold her -- eventually they had harsh agreement that made them face off.Nene approached her later and advised her about having clash with Jolly who is one of the unpleasant boys .as Nene and efua passed by they come across caro and Jimi the lover arguing in a hissing tone - the duo have been getting on since class two .Nene wonder how they both get along for her she dislike caro a lot .Nene and Efua also shared a little talk about Jimi .as they did talk and walked passed Jimi stared at them while he joined Bayo at the football pitch.

CHAPTER 6 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

It’s not really raining as Nene Ekpo crossed the busy street home. She listed her duties at the moment. One of it is to pick up her youngest brother from school one way or the other she gets late. Nene is a well behave girl that her parents put confidence in her. She is prompt to school, helps in the children department at church and do all her domestic duties nicely. Lately, she’s been friendly with the minor looking at how she’s been made to her judgment she’s far from being beautiful. However, she concluded that “I wish I were Pretty, I’m plain Jane. In the evening Efua visited Nene at home, met her and Mrs Ekpo in the kitchen where they had prepare a pot of stew still on fire. Efua is asked to watch the boiling meat and she picked the cover of the pot eagerly while Nene placed down the plates for meal to be served. Your mother is a nice person Efua tells Nene. Nene uses the medium to introduce Jimi’s mother and implore that Efua gets close to Jimi. However, Efua still feels reluctant about the discussion. Nene ruminates over all that has transpired between her and Efua and well has she dislike Jimi and what made her mentioned Caro’s name? Caro has labelled her ‘fashion blinder’. However, she resolves that she shouldn’t have talked about her in the first place. Although Jimi and Ansa has been friends with since their primary school days for Ansa he’s a small and thin person and very shy with that, he’s confided in her many things. Moreover, Nene and Ansa are birds of the same feathers in nature not too beautiful but they’re both gifted children. Nene possesses a good voice in singing and that makes her look beautiful. Nene knew all about Jimi and his family troubles. Jimi sees Nene as his best girlfriend for keeping his secrets and always has been there for him most times when he’s in trouble times. Nene thought of Jimi’s escapades with girls nowadays and the too much interest that he seems to show towards Efua it calls for questioning. She’s perturbed about the whole new scenes, and tries to dissuade the thought when her younger brother cuts her short.

CHAPTER 7 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

During the fifth week into the term the principal introduced to the science class a new teacher Miss Agbenenovi, a corper who wants to be addressed as Miss Novi she takes the place of the former English teacher Mr. Salam occasionally. At the assembly the class gathered to plan the mid-term dinner party. Jimi was part of the organizing committee. Caro bumped into Efua intentionally as she made drop the books in her hand. Efua had a girl in her company Joke who called Caro ‘A Horrible Person’. On the verge notifies Efua about the latest gossip of who? Jimi Solade who has been ladies boy lately. However, Efua has realized that all hate her for unfriendly manners cum Jimi the boy who have started flirting with her. She’s tensed up and said ‘Juvenile Klumps’. Nene Ekpo leads the team of singers at the party as all things are set for the show to commence. As the party kicks into its full sway something happened unexpectedly that give a loud thump and made people scared a boy from the junior class have slumped. The corper, teacher aptly took over the scene and gives the first aid to the boy which is the first thing to do in such a situation. Afterwards take him to the health centre for proper care. The mid-term party continues as things as come to normal the DJ dishing out the vibes and announces that everyone come to the dance floor. Jide the smallest boy in the class was the first victim of Efua’s rejection which spoilt the mood of the one that ask her for dance and several others after. Efua prays the party comes to an end quickly while she visited the toilet where Jolly the big boy and the rest occupied. As soon as they see her, one hollered out no space for now. She returned to the party to amaze the students as she apologizes to Jide the small and in turn ask for a dance with him. In the mid of the dancing Jimi interrupted them and cause a scene by bumping into a waiter carrying drinks which pours on Efua that infuriated her the more. After the party to get home becomes a puzzle unsolved and at that moment someone came to her rescue Miss Novi. And they get talking Efua quickly appreciated her for her kind gestures to saving the life of the boy at the party. She on the verge educated Efua about what she’s into and that the action she’d displayed is called ‘Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation’. The new teacher hinted her to her club which Efua happily volunteered to be part of.

CHAPTER 8 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

The term comes to a close, a lot of activities come into play. And, for Nene it is organizing the carol night with the music teacher. Nene at the cafeteria invited Efua to join the carol group which Efua declined after several persuasion. She announced her membership with the EGG a group designed for advancement of women and children. She in the mid of her telling them mentioned ‘Erdoor got me’ which is the nickname for Miss Novi the new teacher. Her whole story telling and display comes to an end when Jimi came over. Jimi called Efua names and that Nene disagrees with him. He saw a list with Nene which has the names of those who will sing at the carol. Jimi volunteered to be part of the singers that Nene gladly accepted and he promised to bring in other boys to the team. The interhouse sports competition comes finally. Jimi and I cheer the last competition in a hundred meters race which Jimi eventually won. Nene was pleased but Efua hasty congratulated in low voice and mentioned these. The posturing peacock who panders to the gallery the girls around her dispelled her grammatical dexterity. At the end of the year Christmas concert that took place in the hall. Jimi is dressed in a Father Christmas cap in stage that makes everyone laughed. The carol was excellent that the music teacher commented on Jimi Solade Baritone voice and the performance of every participants in the carol. For Efua, she’s enjoyed the term despite the several hiccups that enthralled her. The principal has capped it all when he spoke of her excellent performance in academics and to her trophies the meeting of Erdoo who has made a part in things that mattered to humanity. As everyone jubilates over one thing or the other Ansa has been unhappy with his performance in the first term examinations, despite he’s the one that designed the art work for the stage he failed this term and he fears what would be of him before his mother but for his friend Jimi it is one of the best moment with girls.

CHAPTER 9 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

The darkest part of the might is just before dawn Jimi Solade fits into this adage as the moments past have favored him but not of the times he had with heartthrob Efua Coker. The last times in school has made Jimi lost thoughts of the crisis that looms his family. However, his mother Mrs Solade has been quiet and dedicated to domestic duties of her family all the while. Wole has at last found something to keep him at pace he studied computer diploma course in one institute. Femi their eldest brother in U.K has not yield to Wole’s intention to getting money from him. The holiday was far for Jimi as he visits places like beach and club. One night the dark moment hauled in like a stranger Risikat banged on his door to announce to him the collapse of dear mum who has become frail from much thinking and worries. Jimi persuaded her to visit the hospital with her, where several tests were done on her. The following morning Jimi had rushed to the hospital to check on his mother who later divulge a secret to him “I have Cancer” Ovarian Cancer. Jimi Solade was perplexed and devastated at what he heard. Mother endeavors to cajole Jimi about his father that he loves them both. Jimi was startled at her words. Mr Solade returned from his trip looking devastated about the whole situations. Uncle Kazeem visited, Wole went to visit but left with careless demeanor. At the hospital Mr. Solade requested that they left but Jimi throw caution to the wind about their leaving. However, he left with him after Mrs Solade had pleaded with him. Later in the day, Wole visited home and he was seriously lashed with words which fell into deaf ears,. Ansa showed up at Jimi’s place with his parent to pay their visit to Mrs Solade at the hospital as Nene and her parents have done too.

CHAPTER 10 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

The second term started on a serious academic note Mr. Edet the chemistry teacher asked Solade to wait behind after the lectures. After the class chemistry lessons Mr. Edet only feels pity and worries for Jimi’s state and was very matured at dealing with him as he made him participate in the cleaning of the laboratory. The worries of the past times in Jimi’s home really do weigh him down and makes him feel unease. Efua approached him when he was at the top there she expressed her sincere apologies for not coming to see him. Although, Efua had stayed behind to help Miss Novi plan the weekend campaign against child hawking. It was at this point they unleashed their webs of hidden desires. On their way home something happened that made Efua to hold Jimi’s hand out of fear. The commotion got intense that the street has fallen into pandemomium. In the midst of the disarray, Efua saw a ten years old boy who stood in the middle of the street starring blankly he’s from the less privilege school children with learning disabilities. While they watch the whole place turned into fog of smoke Efua still volunteered to go help the boy on the verge of at Jimi got hurt as he tried to save her from falling into the gutter behind her. They took solace in an ice-cream bar who is a friend to Jimi, Samu called Jimi ‘Jimi the Great’ he almost spoilt this chances with Efua as he mentioned the names of Jimi’s former girl friends. After they had been welcomed by Samu, Jimi enquired about the boy they rescued and how did she comes to know him she told him few hints and eventually they dropped him with the instructor who appreciated them wholly. Jimi and Efua walked home joyfully as they parted ways to their various homes. Jimi slept well that night feeling good.

CHAPTER 11 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Jimi has been absent from football practice Bayo his friend questioned. However, invited her for the CK night party which Jimi turned down bluntly. In the mid of their conversation Efua and Nene passed by as they exchange greetings. Bayo was surprised at such friendliness between the two. Bayo and Jimi later met at the football practice where the coach snapped at jimi for coming late to practice and later on in the game Jimi has been behaving erratic which made the coach bully at him and one of the team mates also spat words at him, that enraptured into a brawl and he was sent out of the game. On Saturday morning, the unexpected happened that tore Jimi’s world apart he went to the hospital after the heavy rain pour he’s with mother as he has become a routine. Mrs Solade lost breathe in the hands of her son. The news have spread in instants that Jimi’s family house is filled with relatives those like Uncle Kazeem, Aunt Memunat and Aunt Motunde. Femi also arrived from United Kingdom for the burial. Wole could not stay one minute but rather he walked in and out the home. Jimi dreams of a miracle like mother will just stand up and say don’t mind them nothing of such happened. Mrs Solade was buried in a private cemetery. Some of Jimi’s school friends attended the funeral. Efua ran to him at the deserted part of the cemetery where she extended her condolences. They sat together to talk before Ansa came for him that his father looks for him.

CHAPTER 12 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

After the funeral Mr Solade announced to his sons that he’ll be travelling abroad for money deal and might stay for five months. He promised to save plenty of money for them. The boys saw father off to airport. They came back home as Wole brought out a wrap from them to smoke. Wole turned the home into a club house that he organized party on daily basis to an extent that Mr. Izaegbegbe was worried for the new habits that has encumbered the Solade’s home. Mrs Izaegbegbe visited. Shortly to assure them to ask for anything if ever they were in need. Wole craziness do not know bounds rather he had turned nuts that he takes heroine and even introduced his brother to it. But thank God for Jimi’s former lessons on hard drugs that made him know the negative effect of such hard drugs. In school Jimi has been out rightly out of point like he use to be - His Maths teacher complained about his low marks. Jimi was confused and stunned about the whole things happening around him. Nene and Efua cornered Jimi to know how has been faring. They did not like how things have been with him lately, however, Nene noted that Jimi needs help and they must proffer solution. Ansa was approached by Nene and Efua which in addition they discovered another thing about Jimi’s home concerning Wole. On Friday night the trio Efua, nene and Ansa visited Jimi. They advised him to turn over a new which he promised to do as Efua had pleaded. As the trio went back that night Nene and Efua had a fell-off.

CHAPTER 13 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Fortnight later, there’s football match between Forcados football team and St. Emmanuel Comprehensive School. Jimi stood on the lines with a red bandana tied round his head to support his team mates. After some moment ran to Efua to chat with her, she requested to buy a drink and Jimi saw her off to the spot. Caro spurned at them mockingly. However, before then Nene had been in tiff with Efua after that night. As Nene left the other girls she bumped into Ansa who is carrying a large square of canvas which she collected from him to pry into until she discovered it was Efua’s portrait it picked her to jealous though hidden. At the kiosk Jimi and Efua fell into talking that Efua told him her wish to be a doctor. The day not dark Nene decided to quash the grudge she shared with Efua and so visited her but she’s not around although, she wanted to kill two birds with a stone by also collecting a biology text book from her. Efua’s aunt Mrs. Alli reported the busy activities of her niece to Nene. She tried to calm her as all she could. At home she stumbled into small notes where Efua had expressed her love for what she does and Miss Novi for making her become what she wants. Nene took it all wrongly. She eventually showed the scripted note to Jimi who all together was minced with bitter feelings of jealous.

CHAPTER 14 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Prior to the assembly bunch of students together gossip about something they seem to read and rattled about. Joke ran towards Efua as she passed through the students. The students are saying horrible things about you, Joke announced to her. The boys have been looking for one thing or the other to cause her pain eventually has found one. Nene saw the boys read the letter and she rushed to Jimi accusing him of divulging what she gave him in secret. Jimi apologized but things have gone out of control already. Mr. Mallum later got the hint of it as he questioned what is the noise about? He saw the original letter which he seized immediately and requested that the head boy and head girl retrieved any other ones they could. He sent for Efua immediately to come into his office. Ada was the one that told Efua that the principal needs her attention where she’s been throwing up. Mrs. Tanimomo, the guidance counsellor was amazed at such note that Efua has written. Miss Novi was asked to come and explain what could be happening between them. Miss Novi was tongue tied as she was confused with what she saw. The principal sent Efua home for a day as she left the office she stumbled at Jimi. She’s disappointed at what Jimi has done. However, Jimi felt pity for her because the whole school have read her letter he confessed to her that Nene saw it first.

CHAPTER 15 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

The next day the principal addressed the senior students and condemned the malicious act of the students towards their fellow students and most of all the teacher involved should have been respected. Jolly Stephens was the one that found the letter in Jimi’s pocket where he was trying to get the assignment to copy from Jimi’s jacket. He photocopied it into several ones and shared among the students. The principal condemns the act and have him flogged ten strokes. Mrs. Coker arrived from airport and Efua and her aunt have gone to pick her straight to the principal office. Efua’s mother apologized on behalf of her daughter’s behavior and ranted that the corper teacher be also prosecuted for such acts but the principal had told her that she’s been redeployed. The principal recommended a week off classes because of a lot of unnecessary unpleasantness that has occurred. At home Mrs. Coker raged with anger as she talked against her. Funmi do clam down, aunt told her sister. Efua’s mother called her names like harlot which is prostitute. Efua stayed in her room for the rest of the day and the next. She denied herself the meal and eventually fall into dreams that looked scary not knowing she had slumped previously and rushed to the hospital in a state of coma.

CHAPTER 16 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Nene became devastatingly confused and lost in thoughts concerning her friend Efua who has been hospitalized she felt guilty and regretted her actions as she confessed all that happened between her and Efua. Her mother encouraged her to divulge her pains afterwards advised her to see Efua to amend her wrongs, she promised to buy things that she carry along to see her in the hospital. Efua has risen and sat on the hospital bed, friends from St. Catherine had sent her a card collectively signed with hearts and kisses. The St. Catherine’s principal sent a letter. She could not carry the mess she’s gotten herself into as she smiled sadly. Hence, Nene entered she has asked her to go and leave her alone as she’s done her enough damage. Nene was able to find way into her hearts that she confesses what really happened to Efua that she’s indeed jealous of her in all aspects as she’s the only one that gets all the attention from male folks. We promised to call back the next day and set to go when Efua asked to wait. At twelve her mother married her step father. She narrated a past tortures and experiences to Nene how she’s been a victim of rape and how she stabbed her stepfather and about Miss Novi she told her that she’s just a nice, lovely friend nothing went on. The two friends settled their differences and hugged each other as they look forward to the future.

CHAPTER 17 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Jimi went back home after the whole troubles that have ensued him and his desire lovely friend Efua. He’s left Ansa’s place because he detested how he’d supported what happened to Efua. Ansa spoke advisedly to Jimi about being a good friend in times of need and how Efua has done that for Jimi before. Jimi was shaken at Ansa’s words, while Jimi whom his brother Wole cut into his thought looking unhappy as he had entered into trouble again. He mingles with some hard drugs peddlers who have punched his face and create bruises. Jimi loved his brother and always fall soft for him. Wole has asked him for some big money which eventually he gave him some of his properties to sell and raise cash to pay his huge debts. He later encourage Jimi to ask for money from father or anyone of their sure relatives that will pay their well, if only he could tell good lies. After Wole left Jimi fell into sudden past thoughts as he ruminates over all mother had told him about working after her brother.

CHAPTER 18 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

On Monday morning the news of the burgled laboratory has come to Jimi’s notice through the head boy Seyi. Jimi rushed down to the laboratory and met Mr. Edet and two other lab technicians Mr. Edet lamented over how fund was raised for the laboratory Mr Edet told Jimi that he’s part of those who did the fund ratios. Jimi Solade is the laboratory key keeper hence, Jimi believed that the key is in his bag whereas it is not there. Efua resumed after the holiday had expired, she’s with Nene and she protected her. She told her to just ignore anybody who tries to say anything and will report anytime anybody harasses her. Later after the worries of the missing key has subsided, Jimi bumped into Nene he apologized to her and also wish to see Efua and apologize too. Nene warned Jimi steer clear from Efua. However, Jimi insist to see her. The next day the truth was revealed already, the principal sent for Jimi to meet him at the office. Jimi Solade was the last person who has to stay behind with the laboratory. However, the principal announces that the thieves has been caught Wole Solade and some other boys. It didn’t take long for the news to spread that the health prefect and school hero was being questioned in the police station over missing laboratory equipment.

CHAPTER 19 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Jimi was confused as he lay slumped on his bed for sleep has left him. Wole is in the prison for theft of the school laboratory equipments. It’s the principal that contacted Uncle Kazeem who helped granted Wole bail. As soon as he’s bailed he persuaded that Jimi accepted the blame to have stolen the items and brought to him. Jimi said yes that he stole those things and give it to his brother. Everyone was shocked to his confession. The principal was highly disappointed. Most of his friends avoided him except for Ansa who came to him. Jimi now remembered how Efua felt when the whole world turned against her. After WAEC every senior students were freed except Jimi Solade banned from all social activities and to publicly apologize to the whole school. On the of the speech, he spoke excellently well. Efua walked up to the stage and spoke extensively to defend her friend and made the principal realize what is missing. The principal pretended to be ignorant of her reasons or decline in what is good investigatory activities. Ansa the shy type also stood up to finalize the matter when he confessed that it’s Wole not Jimi that burgled the laboratory. The principal asked that Solade meet him in his office man hour time. Jimi narrated all to him, the principal apologize to him and dropped all the charges against him. Efua left after her exams with her mother she didn’t change till the end that is a true friend.

CHAPTER 20 Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

At Forcados the results were out and it’s October the graduands lined up and dressed in mufti some came with their parents virtually all the students that year have done excellently well Jimi Solade had won a scholarship to study electrical engineering. Nene had done well, likewise Efua not to forget the hero boy Ansa, he made his result and declared he’ll go study Architecture, Nene chose Accountancy, the principal told the students that he’s proud of them. Efua dropped a letter for Jimi which sound interestingly great. Jimi wondered why he feels happy and sad at the sometime. Anyway, Ansa joined him where he was and said ‘what a years’ and they both laughed out their pairs and tortures which had turned to joy.

Roles and Analysis of Important Characters in The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed

Roles and Character Analysis of Jimi Solade in The Last Days at Forcados High School

He is the main character in the novel. He is intelligent and very good in sports. He is also the health prefect, athletic club captain and best footballer. He won prizes such as the
best Chemistry student and the best athlete. He is a member of Tiger house. He won the 100m race and also won a scholarship to study Electrical Engineering.

Roles and Character Analysis of Wole Solade in The Last Days at Forcados High School

He is the brother of Jimi Solade. He behaved in a very bad manner. He engaged in the sale and use of hard drugs. His father disliked him because of his bad behavior. He dropped out of school because of his bad behaviour. He
broke into the school laboratory and stole the new microscope and other stuff.

Roles and Character Analysis of Mrs Solade in The Last Days at Forcados High School

A soft spoken woman and mother of Jimi, Wole and Femi Solade. She died of ovarian cancer. She took side with Wole when her husband made bad remarks about him.

Roles and Character Analysis of Mr Solade in The Last Days at Forcados High School

Father of Femi, Wole and Jimi.

Roles and Character Analysis of
in The Last Days at Forcados High School

A tall, slender girl with large eyes and long eyelashes and a masculine voice. She went further to study medicine. She
was a member of a group EGG whose aim was to cater for women and children.
Her classmates nicknamed her ‘’The Witch’’. Jimi Solade nicknamed her ‘’baby doll’’. She was a close friend of Miss Agbenenovi; a youth corper posted to Forcados High School.
She wrote a controversial letter to Miss Novi. She stood up for Jimi when everyone taught he masterminded the stealing of the new microscope and other stuff. She was expelled from St. Catherine’s.

Roles and Character Analysis of Nene Ekpo in The Last Days at Forcados High School

A plump girl with short plaits and a round gentle face. A good friend of Jimi, Ansa and Efua. She leaked Efua’s controversial letter to Jimi. Her father was a pastor. Her youngest brother attended Mother’s Joy Nursery School. She was the singing lead in the cultural dance drama “oluronbi”. She went further to study Accountancy.

Roles and Character Analysis of Ansa in The Last Days at Forcados High School

A good friend of Jimi and Nene. He likes painting and shared
this interest with Efua. He desired to study Architecture. He accommodated Jimi when Wole invited his bad mannered
friends to Mr Solade home. He was not happy at the end of first term because he failed his exams and dreaded what his mother would say. He went further to study Architecture.

Roles and Character Analysis of Mr Mallum in The Last Days at Forcados High School

A small, wiry man with an odd accent. He is the principal of Forcados High School.

Roles and Character Analysis of Jolly Stephen in The Last Days at Forcados High School

A big boy, an arts student. He liked wearing chains on his trousers and trainers instead of sandals. He made photocopies of a letter Efua wrote to Miss Novi.

Roles and Character Analysis of Seyi Lawal in The Last Days at Forcados High School

He is the Head Boy of Forcados High School.

Roles and Character Analysis of Risikat in The Last Days at Forcados High School

Mrs Solade housemaid. She informed Jimi that his mum fainted.

Roles and Character Analysis of Mama Silifat in The Last Days at Forcados High School

She sold puff-puff and akara outside the school. She was fond of Jimi and called him Akinjimi and omo mi.

Roles and Character Analysis of The Rhymers in The Last Days at Forcados High School

A group of five boys. They composed Hip-Hop music.

Roles and Character Analysis of Joke in The Last Days at Forcados High School

A close friend of Efua Coker. She informed Efua of the gossip student made over her relationship with Miss. Novi. She also helped Efua to pick her books when Caro bumped on her.

Roles and Character Analysis of Jide in The Last Days at Forcados High School

The smallest boy in the class. He danced with Efua during the Mid-term Dinner. St. Catherine’s: The School Efua Coker was expelled from. Oluronbi: The cultural dance drama held at Forcados High School. Mother’s Joy Nursery School: The school Nene Ekpo youngest brother attended.

Roles and Analysis of All Characters in The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed

1.Uncle Sola(Relative of the Solade family)
2.Ansa Izaegbegbe(Jimi’s shoolmate/neighbour)
3.Seyi Lawal(The Head Boy at Forcados)
4.Mrs Obange(Principal at St.Catherines)
5.Rat-Face(Wole’s friend at the bar)
6.Hadiza(Efua’s friend at St.Catherines)
7.Dodo(efua’s friend at St.Catherines)
8.Mr Vann(physics teacher at forcados)
9.Jolly Stephens (Big Boy at forcados)
10.Bayo (Jimi’s school mate)
11.Miss Agbenenovi (Corper asigned to forcados)
12.Mr Salami (English teacher ar forcados)
13.Joke (A student at Forcados)
14.Jide (A student at forcados)
15.Bade (nicknamed:cane)
16.The Rhymers (a grup of 5 boiz with lyrics)
17.Eze (Jimi’s competition in chemistry)
18.Caro (Jimi’s Girlfriend)
19.Mama silifat (snack (akara) seller at forcados)
20.Nene Ekpo (Jimi, Efua and Ansa’s friend)
21.Mrs Alli (a resident on balogun street)
22.Femi (wole and jimi’s brother)
23.Efua Coker(funmi’s daughter)
24.Funmi (Efua’s Mother)
25.Aunt Moni (Efua’s Aunt)
26.Pastor Ekpo (Nene’s Father)
27.Mrs Ekpo (Nene’s Mother)
28.Jimi Solade (son of Mr Solade)
29.Wole Solade (son of Mr Solade)
30.Risikat (House help of solade’s family)
31.Mr Kola Solade (Jimi’s Father)
32.Mrs Kemi Solade (Jimi’s Motther)
33.Uncle kazeem (Relative of Solade Family)
34.Icheen Igbo (Jimi’s rival at the 100m race)
35.Mr Edet (Chemistry Teacher at forcados)
36.Samu (The ice cream bar owner)
37.Aunt Memunat (Relative of solade family)
38.Aunty Omotunde (Relative of Solade family)
39.Ada(a student (the head girl)at forcados)
40.Mrs Tanimoro (The guidance counsellor)

Questions and answers from The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed

These questions and answers from The Last Days at Forcados High School will surely help candidates sitting for this year’s Jamb Utme to answer the English exam questions faster.

1. Kola was (A) Ansa’s father (B) Jimi’s brother (C) Femi’s father (D) Wole’s uncle.
2. “Sorry, does anyone know you’re here?” Who made the statement (A) Efua (B) Jimi (C) Caro (D) Ansa.
3. On his return, Wole first met (A) Jimi (B) Kemi (C) Kola (D) Femi.
4. Mrs. Kemi Solade died of _ on _ (A) Hypertension, a Sunday morning (B) Ovarian cancer, a Saturday morning (C) Hypertension, a Saturday morning (D) Ovarian cancer, a Sunday morning.
5. What was Jimi’s age during his final year at Forcados High school (A) 16 (B) 17 (C) 18 (D)19.
6. Risikat was (A) Jimi’s house mate (B) Ansa’s girlfriend (C)Kemi’s house help (D) Nene’s younger brother.

7. The head boy at Forcados High School was _ (A) Jolly Stephens (B) Jimi Solade (C) AnsaIzaegbegbe (D) Seyi Lawal.
8. The principal of St. Catherine’s school was
(A) Mr Mallum (B) Mr Kola (C) Mrs Obange (D) Mr Bade.
9. Which of these characters is fond of Jimi and called him by his full name, Akinjimi? (A) Mr mallum (B) Nene (C) Mama Silifat (D) Ansa.
10. Moni Alli is
(A) Funmi’s cousin (B) Nene’s Aunt (C) Efua’s step mother (D) Guidance councillor.
11. The Teachers at Forcados High did not like Efua when she arrived the school because
(A) They felt she was too proud (B) They thought she was expelled from her former school (C) They felt she might lower the school’s result (D) She looked strange.

12. Efua’s former school, St Catherine’s was an (A) All girls’ boarding school (B) All boys school (C) Mixed School (D) All boys’ boarding school.
13. Which of these schools did Nene’s younger brother attend? (A) Forcados High school (B) Mother’s Joy Nursery school (C) St Catherine’s school (D) St Anthony’s college.
14. Which of these best describes Ansa? (A) A nerdy science genius (B) A nervous tall boy (C) A great painter (D) A small thin notorious student.
15. Wole woke up to an early morning surprise. What was the surprise? (A) Mrs Solade’s return (B) Mr. Solade’s return (C) Femi Solade’s return (D) Wole Solade’s return.
16. Wole was kicked out of University for (A) Robbery (B) Rape (C) Unclear reasons (D) All of the above.
17. Where was St Catherine’s school located? (A) Lagos (B) Abuja (C) Ibadan (D) None of the above.
18. Who was referred to as good-for-nothing in the novel? (A) Mr Solade (B) Jolly (C) Wole (D) Caro.
19. Who was nicknamed The Witch? (A) Caro (B) Nene (C) Efua (D) The mad woman.
20. The new youth corper,, at Forcados High teaches (A)Miss Novi, Mathematics (B) Salami, English (C) Edet, Chemistry (D) Agbenenovi, English.
21. Which post did Efua hold at Forcados High school? (A) Health prefect (B) Sanitary prefect (C) Head girl (D) None of the Above.
22. Efua danced with , the boy in class during the Mid-Term Dinner (A) Jolly, biggest (B) Jimi, smartest (C) Jide, smallest (D) Ansa, most talented.
23. Who photocopied and circulated Efua’s private letter in the school (A) Nene (B) Jimi (C) Jolly (D) Ada.
24. “I want to tell you that what you did with the boy who fainted was absolutely brilliant” Who made this statement and to whom? (A) Efua to Miss Novi (B) Nene to Efua (C) Ansa to Jimi (D) Mr Mallum to Miss Novi.
25. Who bumped into Efua making her drop her books when they were gathering for impromptu talk about Mid-Term Dinner? (A) Nene (B) Caro (C) Jolly (D) Joke.
26. Who was referred to as Erdoo in the novel? (A) Efua (B) Nene (C) Miss Novi (D) Caro.
27. Which of these is a house at Forcados High school which Jimi belonged to? (A) Gorilla (B) Cheetah (C) Elephant (D) Tiger.
28. “Nice painting” This commendation was made by? (A) Ansa (B) Jimi (C) Efua (D) Nene.
29. During the inter-house sports tournament, came 2nd in the 100 meteres race. (A) Ikeen (B) Jimi (C) Jolly (D) Igbo.
30. At the end of the First Term, Ansa was sad because (A) He received no award (B) He was barred from social activities (C) He failed his exam (D) He was not appreciated for designing the concert hall
31. Femi Solade lived in (A) United Kingdom (B) United States (C) United Arab Emirates (D) Texas.
32. Femi Solade was said to be just like his father because (A) He bullies Jimi (B) He is hot tempered (C) He speaks like him (D) he wanted nothing to do with Wole.
33. “Yes. He can’t help the way he gets angry sometimes. He almost went bankrupt after what your brother did” Who is the “He” in the statement? (A) Kola (B) Wole (C) Jimi (D) Femi.
34. Mr Vann is the _ teacher at Forcados High School (A) Chemistry (B) English (C) Physics (D) Mathematics.
35. Where did Jimi and Efua first take refuge during the Police/Area Boys clash? (A) Samu’s Ice cream bar (B) uncompleted building (C) bookshop (D) Hotel.
36. How long did Mr Solade say he would be outside the country? (A) 3 months (B) 4 months (C) 5 months (D) 6 months.
37. _ played a friendly match against Forcados High School. (A) St Edmund’s Comprehensive (B) Forcados Boys School (C) Kings College (D) St Catherine’s School.
38. “Well, I think Efua needs us now and I am going to show you something. You are not to tell anybody. Please promise” Who made this statement and what did the speaker show to the listener after the statement? (A) Nene, picture (B) Caro, letter (C) Jolly, Cell Phone (D) Nene, letter.
39. “Mickey and Minnie Mouse!” Who made this statement? (A) Efua (B) Caro (C) Nene (D) Ansa.
40 Who was the first to inform Efua about the allegation made against her and Miss Novi? (A) Joke (B) Nene (C) Jimi (D) Jolly.
41. Who was the first person to read Efua’s letter to Miss Novi? (A) Miss Novi (B) Jolly (C) Jimmy (D) Nene.
42. Jolly came across Efua’s letter while _ (A) Ransacking Efua’s locker (B) Searching for Jimi’s assignment (C) Going through Nene’s biology textbook (D) Chatting with jimi.
43. How old was Efua when her stepfather married her mother? (A) 8 (B) 10 (C) 12 (D) 14.
44. Which of these was stolen from the laboratory following the burglary? (A) Money (B) generator (C) microscope (D) computer.
45. What was the punishment given to Jimi Solade after he admitted to aided the Lab burglary crime? (A) Expulsion (B) Suspension (C) Ten strokes of the cane (D) Cutting of grass.
46. “It can’t be Jimi. It was his brother; he is only taking the blame for him!” Who made the statement? (A) Efua (B) Ansa (C) Nene (D) None of the above.
47. Who among the friends won a scholarship to study in the university? (A) Ansa (B) Jimi (C) Nene (D) Efua.
48. When did the results of the final year students of Forcados High School come out? (A) September (B) October (C) November (D) December.
49. Ansa wants to study _ (A) Electrical Engineering (B) Architecture (C) Medicine (D) Fine art.
50. Who among the friends did not make his/her papers at the end of the school year? (A) Ansa (B) Jolly (C) Jimi (D) None of the above.

1) C. (2) B. (3) B. (4) B. (5) A. (6) C. (7) D. (8) C. (9) C. (10) A.

(11) C. (12) A. (13) B. (14) C. (15) D. (16) C. (17) B. (18) C. (19) C. (20) D.

(21) D. (22) C. (23) C. (24) A. (25) B. (26) C. (27) D. (28) C. (29) D. (30) C.

(31) A. (32) D. (33) A. (34) C. (35) B. (36) C. (37) A. (38) D. (39) B. (40) A.

(41) D. (42) B. (43) C. (44) C. (45) D. (46) A. (47) B. (48) B. (49) B. (50) D.

Download The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H Mohammed PDF

Click here to download

About A.H Mohammed [The Author]

A.H Mohammed was born in Lagos Nigeria. He obtained his medical degree from the university of Lagos and is currently a junior resident doctor
Lagos Teaching Hospital. The last days at
Forcados High School is his first book.

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How to check your JAMB 2017 Admission Status

JAMB 2017 Admission Status
Direct Portal Enabled
How to know if jamb has given you admission
The direct link for 2017 UTME candidates to check their admission status on JAMB Portal via their JAMB profile has been enabled.

We advised candidates who are having issues checking their admission status on JAMB CAPS to do so via the direct admission status link on their profiles:

How To Check Your Admission Status Via your JAMB Profile

-Candidates are tom log on to
-Enter your Username and Password in the spaces provided and click "Login" to have access to your profile
-On your Dashboard, click on the "Admission Status" tab or click on "Admission Status" among the list of services at the left hand side of the page
-On the next page that opens, select your examination Year (2017)
-Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space provided
-Click on "Check Admission Status" to view your admission details 

JAMB Suspends Sales Of 2018 UTME Registration Forms

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, has disclosed that it has suspended the sales of the 2018 JAMB application forms which was to begin on Wednesday November 22nd, 2017.

This was made known by JAMB's spokesperson, Fabian Benjamin.

According to him, the postponement was necessitated by the delay in meeting the agreed deadline by the publisher of the compulsory reading text meant for prospective candidates for the 2018 UTME which was supposed to be delivered on or before November 7th, 2017.

“As at close of work today, the publisher had not provided the 1.8 million copies required and this development painfully forced to the Board to shift the date from Wednesday 22nd November, 2017 to a date to be announced soon.

”JAMB said it regrets all inconvenience occasioned by this postponement as it is working round the clock to announce a new date soon”, the statement said.

We expect a new date to be announced soon.

JAMB 2018 Registration

JAMB 2018 Registration: Steps To Create Profile And Get ePINS

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has published the Registration Steps and Guidelines for the forth coming UTME.

Please note that 2018 UTME Registration has NOT commenced. It is expected to commence November 22nd, 2017.

However, you are to get your self acquainted with the these guidelines before registration commences.

Profile Creation from Home by Candidates Using Cellphones – Text (SMS):.... Continue reading after this commercial break


1. Sends his/her Surname, First Name & Middle Name (where applicable). This should be maximum of 38 characters + 2 spaces between names = 40 characters in all to JAMB short code of 55019
2. One cell number (mobile number) can be used by one candidate only
3. A confirmation code of 10 characters is received by the candidate on the same telephone number which will be used to procure the ePIN

To correct a mistake in candidate’s name, resend a text message (from the registered number) “CORRECT Surname First name Middlename” to 55019
To retrieve a lost confirmation code, resend a text message (from the registered number) “RESEND” to 55019 .

-Participating Banks
-Mobile Money Operators including eTranzact (Paga, Cellulant, Teasy Mobile e.t.c.)
-Registered Microfinance Banks – (Ifesowapo, Regent, FUDMFB, Welfare MFB)
-Online Payment – Remita & Interswitch (Switches)
-POS (Citi-Serve)
-ATM (Interswitch)
-USSD (NIBSS & ERCAS) – for mobile (Internet/online) banking


Present confirmation code and pay by cash or card
ePIN is delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number


This is available at State Offices of JAMB + CBT Centres, Other POS Outlets & any CBT Centre that demands it
Present confirmation code & pay by card
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

This is available at CBT Centres & Other Agent Outlets

Present confirmation code & pay by cash
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

This is available at all ATM outlets of participating Banks (Interswitch Channel)

Select Bill Payment & then pick JAMB
Enter confirmation code & pay
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number


Log on to JAMB website:
Click Registration
Enter confirmation Code
Select payment Method e.g. Interswitch or Remita
Make payment
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique
telephone number


Dial USSD code (e.g. *565*6#)
Enter confirmation code
Select bank & follow the prompts to complete payment
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number


If ePIN is not Received or Lost , send a text message from the registered telephone number “UTMEPIN” or “DEPIN” to 55019 for UTME or DE respectively
The ePIN would then be retrieved

After payment…
After successful payment & obtaining ePIN, candidate should proceed to any of the accredited CBT Centres to complete his/her own registration.


The candidate presents the ePIN at any JAMB accredited CBT Centre for validation and completion of registration
Candidate is expected to pay not more than N700.00 as Service Charge to the CBT Centre
Provides biodata
Choice of institutions and programmes
UTME subjects
Picture capture (no passport photography
Biometric capture
Print Registration Slip using biometric authentication
Collect reading text & CD

Payment & Registration Flow

Use text to create profile from your phone (only one number per candidate)
Receive confirmation code in your phone
Buy form ePIN using the code in your phone
Register with your ePIN at any CBT Centre

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Harvest of Corruption

Critical Analysis of Harvest of Corruption

Table of Content

The Plot of Harvest of Corruption

Summary Of Harvest of Corruption

Analysis Of Themes In Harvest Of Corruption

Roles and Analysis of Major and Minor Characters in Harvest of Corruption

The Plot of Harvest of Corruption

Harvest of Corruption tells the story of most African countries after independence, how the politicians on whom the affairs of the countries have been entrusted, mismanaged the economy through corrupt practices. These politicians connived with police and judges, as seen in the case of the corrupt Inspector and Judge in the play, to siphon public funds into their personal pockets. They ran the country as their own homes, prostituting and squandering public money at will, at the expense of the suffering masses. Thus,Harvest of Corruption is Ogbeche's effort at drawing our attention to the evils perpetrated by our politicians and their resultant negative values in our society.

Harvest of Corruption exposes the corrupt practices of public servants in a fictitious country of Jacassa. The play is centred around Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, who happens to be the Minister of External Relations. Chief, as he is fondly called, is the epitome of corruption in the play. He engages in all sorts of atrocities including cocaine pushing, money laundering, stealing and womanizing, to mention just a few. With the help of his criminal-in-crime, the Police Commissioner who heads the Police headquarters in Darkin, the pot-bellied Justice Odili and Madam Hoha, and of course Ochuole, Chief’s mistress, the Chief does his wicked acts with impunity.

One of Chief's victims, Aloho, a young, promising, fresh graduate and a desperate jobseeker who has only just arrived in Jabu, the capital of Jacassa in search of the greener pasture, unluckily plays into the hands of Chief Ade-Amaka through the "help" of Ochuole, her former schoolmate who was known for mischievous activities back in the day. Warned ceaselessly by her friend and confidant, with whom she squats in Jacassa, Ogeyi Ogar, Aloho is adamant and takes up the job of Protocol Officer with the “benevolence” of Chief. Within a week after her appointment, Aloho is set to travel abroad. But unknown to her she is carrying cocaine. At the airport, she gets unlucky with the custom officer. Consequently, she is arrested but later freed, after Chief has bribed the Judge. Meanwhile, Aloho is pregnant for Chief Ade-Amaka and she is frustrated. Then after trying to no avail to abort the pregnancy, she eventually dies from childbirth.

Chief Ade-Amaka is eventually charged to court with corrupt practices including money laundering and drug trafficking, after Ayo, an underemployed and disgruntled clerk in his ministry has testified against him. This helps to unravel more about the Chief's exploits as investigated by both ACP Yakubu and Inspector Inaku both of whom are determined to ensure that Chief is duly prosecuted. After being declared guilty to all charges against him, Chief is sentenced to twenty-five years imprisonment alongside his accomplice, Ochuole, Madam Hoha, Judge Odili. Even the greedy and treacherous Ayo is not left out. The law deals with him too.

Summary Of Harvest of Corruption

The play opens with Aloho who wanders about in the ministry of External Relations of Jacassan for job. She gets glued to the notice board, reading an announcement, when Ochuole, one of her colleagues back in the university, blindfold her from behind. On recognizing each other, they greet and share pleasantries, remembering the old days at the university.

Subsequently, Aloho makes it known to her friend, after realizing that she works in the ministry as the chief admin. officer to the minister, that she seeks a job. Ochuole promises to meet the minister on her behalf. She assures her a job and asks her to come back the following day. However, when coming, Ochuole reminds her to dress a little sexy in order to please the minister.

When she gets home, she tells, with excitement, the story of how she meets Ochuole, the campus bad girl, to Ogeyi, the friend that accommodates her in Jabu. Ogeyi warns her to be very careful with Ochuole, knowing who she is right from time. She tries to convince Aloho that Ochuole is not the kind of friend that one walks with and not ends in trouble. She gives instances of the innocent ones that have lost their lives, trying to subscribe to Ochuole’s style of Living. But Aloho would not heed Ogeyi’s warning, due to the fact that she is now desperate for employment after many years of waiting.

She eventually gets involved with Ochuole who secures a job for her with the minister as the protocol officer. She is not properly oriented on the nature of her job. Originally, Ochuole and Chief have agreed to use the innocent Aloho to push cocaine within and outside Nigeria. They arrange her first trip to America so suddenly without informing her of what is to be delivered to one of Chief’s boys in America. Due to her naivety in the job she gets caught and arrested.

Meanwhile, Chief, because of his reputation, bribes the chief justice in charge of the case and also the police commissioner in order to perverse the court’s injunction on the case. Aloho gets discharged and now realizing the nature of the job with Chief, decides not to continue with him and Ochuole. Unfortunately for her, she is already pregnant for Chief. She would not want to keep the shameful pregnancy, so she decides to abort it. however, her several attempt to abort the baby proves abortive, until Ogeyiadvises her to go back home to her parents for proper care. She, eventually, is delivered of a baby get but dies at the process.

Meanwhile, ACP Yakubu, a fair and just assistant commissioner of police who is not corrupt as his boss, decides to secretly investigate ChiefHaladu Ade-Amaka’s misappropriation of two point one billion naira and with the help of the state security service, and Ogeyi who willingly makes a helpful report of Chief’s misconduct, involve Ochuole,Madam Hoha, commissioner, and the chief justice. He is arrested, prosecuted and found guilty along with his cohorts. He is sentenced to twenty five years in prison with hard labour.

Analysis Of Themes In Harvest Of Corruption

The theme of Retribution analysis

This is the central theme of the play. The main idea is that a man reaps what he sows. All the corrupt characters are brought to book in the end. Chief is convicted and sentenced to twenty-five years in imprisonment with hard labour and ordered to refund the embezzled funds. This punishment is his harvest of corruption. The humiliation suffered by Aloho for drug trafficking, her pregnancy and death also portray her harvest of corruption. Ochuole and Madam Hoha are sentenced to ten years in imprisonment with hard labour while Madam Hoha’s hotel is also sealed. This is their harvest of corruption. Justice Odili and the Commissioner of Police are sentenced to twenty years in imprisonment for receiving bribe. Ayo, the clerk is also punished as he is sentenced to five years
imprisonment for receiving a bribe.

The theme of Corruption analysis

The theme of Corruption
The author illustrates the bribery, large-scale embezzlement in official quarters, drug trafficking, sexual immorality perpetuated by highly placed personalities who are supposed to be policy makers and law enforcement officers. Frank Ogodo Ogbeche shows how corruption permeates government institutions and every fabric of the society as well as the devastating effect corruption has on our everyday life.

The theme of Betrayal of Public Trust analysis

The theme of Betrayal of Public Trust
Chief Haladu-Amaka, the Minister of External Relations betrayed the trust reposed in him by virtue of the public office he holds through large-scale embezzlement of public funds, forgery, fraud and bribery. The author advocates a political, social and moral re-birth.

The theme of Unemployment analysis

The theme of Unemployment: Unfortunately, many jobseekers have lost their dignity and souls to the devil just because of their desperate attempt to be gainfully employed. But can we blame them? How can it be justified that after rigorous school life, one spends two to three years still jobhunting? Of course this can be psychologically traumatizing! No wonder, jobless graduates are quick to succumb to societal pressure; they engage in any form of activities in the name of job insofar something comes out of it. Aloho and Ochuole are victims of this terrible situation in Jacassa. Consequently, one dies and the other is sentenced to jail. In Nigeria today, about 40 million people are unemployed and as found in Harvest of Corruption where Aloho becomes a drug trafficker and fornicator all in the name of being employed, many Nigerian youths are now gullible of several crimes and all other self-destructive acts. Needless to say, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop, as the popular saying goes.

The theme of impatient analysis

The theme of impatient
: Had Aloho listened to the voice of reason from her good and well-meaning friend Ogeyi Ogar, she would probably have been saved from the shame and her eventual destruction. When her best friend warns her against her working with Ochuole and Chief, Aloho pays deaf ears and replies: “You can call me a rebel, but I need a job. That’s what matters to me.” (page 9) Patience is indeed a virtue that Aloho lacks. He who has patience has everything but he who does not, has nothing. This is true of Aloho and it is the reason for her tragic end. Because of her stubbornness, she is made to peddle hard drugs unknowingly and is arrested. However, Chief, her boss, bails her out through corrupt means by bribing the judge though, Aloho’s shame and disgrace and frustration are heightened when she becomes pregnant for Chief. At last, she dies at childbirth. This is indeed a great lesson that trying to achieve any goal by all means, damning the consequences, always leads to a disastrous end for the person.  

The theme of Evil analysis

The theme of Evil :
Evil may last so long that people may wonder whether the perpetrator would ever bear the brunt of her action. In the play, the case of Chief Ade-Amaka is a clear indication of this assertion. He abuses public office by stealing with impunity while also engaging in cocaine pushing. Madam Hoha’s hotel is his haven for all the planning and scheming of the political bastardization. It is also, where he engages in sexual pervasion with Ochuole and then Aloho. He is doing this and having his way in such a manner that one might think he would never be caught. However, the law later catches up with him when Ogeyi Ogar, the Inspector Inaku and ACP Yakubu team up against him and the law of karma catches up on Chief.


Roles and Analysis of Major and Minor Characters in Harvest of Corruption

Character Analysis and Role of ALOHO In Harvest of Corruption

Aloho is the main character in the play. She is a young and naïve university female graduate desperately searching for a job. In her desperation, she ignorantly becomes part of a criminal network involved in drugtrafficking in spite of her friend’s constant warning to keep away from notorious Ochuole. Aloho is arrested and detained for drug trafficking. Upon her release, she suddenly realizes that she is pregnant for Chief Haladu- Amaka and eventually dies during child-birth. The author uses Aloho’s character to portray the ordeals of many young and jobless Nigerian graduates, how they are easily taken advantage of and lured into crime intheir desperation to eke out a living.

Character Analysis and Role of OCHUOLE In Harvest of Corruption

Ochuole is Aloho’s classmate in the University. She is portrayed as notorious and wayward. Ochuole works as Chief Administrative Officer at the Ministry of External Relations. She aids Chief’s sexually immoral lifestyle by providing him with ladies. She lures Aloho into drugtrafficking in the guise of helping her to secure a jobwith the Ministry of External Relations.

Character Analysis and Role of CHIEF ADE HALADU-AMAKA In Harvest of Corruption

Ade Amaka (a ka. Chief)
Chief has a protruding stomach that his friends fondly call him "the pregnant chief. He has a round face which is said to be constantly covered with sweat "no matter the weather (p l4). He is said to breathe heavily whether he is awake or asleep. As for his gait, he "walks like a man who has an enlarged scrotum" (p. 14). This no doubt paints a picture of corruption, the image of social decay as represented in one person alone.

He is the Hon. Minister in charge of External Relations. We are never treated to the real nature of his work as a Minister. We see him run after girls, order food and drinks in Akpara Hotel which he also uses as the warehouse for his cocaine deals. He is painted as a spendthrift who asks Madam Hoha to "just serve yourself whatever you want and add the bills" (p. 14) immediately the hotel proprietress complains that he has not been "fair" to her.
He enjoys the warmth of women's company. At Akpara Hotel he orders for "two bottles of big stout," (p. 14) and two mortars ofishi ewu for him and for Ochuole. When Ochuole complains of money to settle her mother's hospital bill, he "draws his portfolio nearer to himself presses the buttons open and pulls out a bundle of money which he throws on her laps" (p. 16.) he sees Aloho, he indicates readiness to give her a job in his Ministry and schedules a meeting at 4 pm in his favourite hotel-Akpara Hotel. We later learn that he puts Aloho in the family way shortly after coming in contact with her Chief is both the grower of corruption and the reaper of its outcome. He briefs the Police Commissioner and Justice odili on basis that they will protect him against the dictates of the law. This way he runs his hard drug business unmolested, and when one of his carriers Aloho is caught at the airport, Justice Odili organizes a Kangaroo hearing and releases the culprit in a matter of days. He divests the Ministry of huge sums of money and converts government workers into his direct servants and agents in his nefarious deals. In the end, he receives a very long term. About to face the law, he loses his nerves. He asks the SSS people who come for him to give him "time to pull" himself together. Earlier, he had tried to be bold by asking them: "Who
are you and who the hell is your Chief that you should come into my office and behave as if the world is in your pockets?" (p. 89) The same loss of nerves is observed when the case is underway. "My Lord," Chief pleads, "I think I want to see a doctor. I am not feeling well'" (p109). When he is about to be sentenced, he pleads for leniency and informs the court that "my entire village and local government depend on me" (p. As if the jail for those who are not married, Chief further pleads, "Show mercy My Lord, I have a family p-l-e-a s e' (p. 118).

Character Analysis and Role of OGEYI In Harvest of Corruption

Ogeyi is Aloho’s friend and confidant. Aloho lives with Ogeyi in her small apartment in Pannya. She tries to discourage Aloho from taking Ochuole’s job offer and warns her to keep away from Ochuole. She seeks justice for Aloho by reporting Chief to the police. She is the voice of reason in the play.

Character Analysis and Role of MADAM HOHA In Harvest of Corruption

Madam Hoha is the proprietress of Akpara Hotel. The hotel is where Chief perpetuates his criminal activities.She is sentenced to ten years imprisonment with hardlabour along with Ochuole and her hotel was sealed.

Character Analysis and Role of ACP YAKUBU Yakubu In Harvest of Corruption

6. ACP YAKUBU Yakubu is an Assistant Commissioner of Police. He stands out as an incorruptible and honest police officer. He withstood pressures from his boss, the Commissioner to stop investigating Chief’s activities at the Ministry of External Relations. His investigations led to the arrest and prosecution of Chief, Ochuole, Madam Hoha, the Commissioner of Police and the corrupt Justice Odili.

Character Analysis and Role of Ayo In Harvest of Corruption

Ayo (p. 26)
We are introduced to Ayo as a clerk in the Ministry of External Relations. He is a bare-faced liar who claims not to know about the embezzlement in the Ministry until he is bribed hank you. You should
expect me tomorrow evening unfailingly," (p. 28) he assures Inspector lmaka. We are informed that he is "slim and hungry-looking, but well-dressed with a white shirt over apair black trousers and a black tie to match." His front ket is lined with an array of biros of three colours. His shoes are slightly needful of repair at the sides, having been "chopping alignment (p 26. No wonder he quickly accepts a two thousand naira bribe to augment his monthly pay of two thousands five hundred naira take home. An ignorant fellow, in revealing the sleaze in the Ministry after receiving a bribe, Ayo is not aware that he is culpable for exposing official secrets and also for receiving monetary inducement, Dragged to court along with his Minister boss and the latter's accomplices, Ayo receives a five-year jail term for corruption as well. Free with his mouth; he informs Mrs Obi and Alice on what transpires between Aloho and Chief for which Alice calls him a gossip. His significance it the play is the role ho plays in unveiling the goings- on in the Ministry. The Jndge commetids hina for "exposing a crime" but goes ahead to condemn him "for receiving bribe" (p l 19)

Character Analysis and Role of Alice (Tea Gir) In Harvest of Corruption

Alice (Tea Gir)

She is the tea girl in the office of the secretary to the Minister of External Relations. She speaks Pidgin English. The first time she speaks she accuses Ayo, the Clerical officer of being gossipy for which the latter warns and taunts her. Although she is keen to hear Ayo's gossip she is not keen to meet a "man
we de gossip like woman" (p. 77) such as Ayo That way, Ayo accuses her of meddling in his affairs and asks Mrs. Obi to warn her desist from doing so. The gossip is that Alohi, the Protocol Officer,
had been pregnant for "oga (Chief) and had died from abortion Alice is used to typify what happens in government offices in developing country in which must of her time is spent on gossip and tittle-tattles

Character Analysis and Role of Commissioner of Police In Harvest of Corruption

Commissioner of Police (p. 18)
He is said to be "a tall athletic young man of about forty years "dark in complexion, has thin and sender fingers'' and possesses "red lips with black sports his teeth is said to be "broken" and "coloured" probably because he is a chain smoker and an alcohol addict As we meet him first tme, Chief haladu is visiting him just as he did Justice odili with alot of goodies. The law officer is quick to point out to Chief your Ministry is getting some negative and disturbing publicity lately" and reminds his visitor that "nobody loves negative publicity you know This is an interesting comment because he was later to scream at ACP Yakubu with "public opinion my foot!" (p.62) when he sought to underplay Chief's atrocities against his country the comment is also interesting because the Police Commissioner seems to have made in order raise the value of the booty he is to receive from Chief We are informed that as Chief opens his portfolio and brings out bundles of naira notes and places them on the table, the Commissioner grabs them with the agility of lighting and puts them into his drawer (p. 19). Not only does be expect filthy money from Chief, the Commissioner of Police argues for "increased pay" for the "boys" (p. 20) so as to ensure their "absolute loyalty and excellent performance" (p. 21). Like Justice odili, he also asks Chief to be careful by being vague about what he means: "You have to be careful. I have sensed the signal and I know the danger sign when it appears on the dashboard" (p. 21)
The manner he is described which has been briefly referred to shows that the Commissioner has ugly habits, including his tendency to accept bribes. Once he has been mobilized like Justice Odili, he charges along like a lion sensing an attack on his territory. Just as Justice Odili intimidates the Registrar at the kangaroo hearing, Police Commissioner seeks to intimidate ACPYakubu without achieving much success. He warns the ACP to "steer clear of that Ministry or any other Ministry for that matter or you will be biting more than you can chew" (p. 62). But the ACP, sure-footed, fires back: "Sir, you cannot threaten me and do not bother at what hits me but I shall ask you this, since only those who have skeletons in their cupboard need fear" (p. 63).
The Commissioner and Justice Odili, each an agent of the law, are shown to be drawbacks to the law. It is people like them who weaken the law and prepare the way for corrupt people to evade the law. Both of them receive most the venom of the Judge at the court as he calls them "a big disgrace to our noble profession" (p. 119). The Judge accuses both of them of greed before sentencing each of them to twenty years with hard labour. They both represent agents of the law who work at cross-purposes with what society expects of them, and cause impunity to continue to reign.

Character Analysis and Role of Constable Ojo In Harvest of Corruption

Constable Ojo (p. 54)
A lanky-looking young man possessing an athletic figure, Constable Ojo has very small eyes "which are hidden inside the sockets." We are told that when the Constable looks at a person "there is an uneasy feeling that penetrates through the person's very soul." He is often smartly dressed and "has the knack for breaking seemingly mysterious cases
(p. 54). He works with ACP Yakubu whom he observes as the latter talks to himself in a soliloquy as to the level of in society where "any or highly placed individuals will and can toy with the judiciary and get away with any crime committed Constable ojo in return is equally surprised that at the trial of Aloho for cocaine pushing, "the state prosecutor and the defence counsels both absent at the different times the case came up (p. 55). He is deployed in the play to show that the impunity exercised by Chief and his clique rattles the top (ACP Yakubu) intermediate (inspector inaku) and the low level (Constable ojo) policemen in Jacassa for which something has to be done, and pretty soon too.

Character Analysis and Role of Customs officer In Harvest of Corruption

Customs officer
Like Constable ojo, the customs oficer appears briefly too. He works at the airport and is the fellow who accosts Aloho with the suitcase of cocaine. Described by Chief as "that good-for-nothing Customs officer' (p. 48) because the latter does his job as he is supposed to and her contraband and promises to hand her over to JDLEA (acassa Drug Law Enforcement Agency). He announces to Aloho that she is carrying cocaine. He advises patience as she will enough time to call whoever you want later" By pulling out of chief's corrupt ring and exposing Chief's agent, the customs officer shows that it is better to side with society than with debased individuals.

Character Analysis and Role of Defence Counsel In Harvest of Corruption

Defence Counsel (p. 96)
He is said to be a tall, slim young man in white wig He pleads "Not guilty" for Chief, being his Defence Counsel. He is an astute lawyer who asks the proper questions in order to dismiss his client s charges. He questions the manner the Detective used to extract information for prosecuting the case. When the Prosecution objects, the Judge cries "objection sustained" (p. 101). All his subsequent objections" are unsustained by the Judge. Through his questions Ogeyi is able to give the details she knew about Chief and his collaborators. The Defence Counsel accuses Ogeyi of being "jealous of the fact that your friend (Aloho) was always coming home with plenty of money and gifts from Chief, the Honourable Minister" (p. 104). This comment draws tears from Ogeyi's eyes for which the Prosecution Counsel prays the Judge to restrain the Defence Counsel "from further vulgarism and insinuations (p. 105). As if he was meeting his client (Chief Haladu) for the first time, the Defence Counsel begins to ask him personal questions which soon irritate the Judge: "Don't continue to waste the time of the Court by (p. basis for those personal questions is to show that Chief, his client, is a man who has served the government o his country in one of the most enviable of a Minister..." (p. 110). He claims that "everybody has been satisfied and his staff in the Ministry speak eloquently of his magnanimity, generosity and 110). When he realizes that clients have been declared "guilty", he pleads both "elemency" and option of fine" (p116) The type of punishment meted out to Chief and his accomplices shows that the Judge does not reckon with the Defence Counsel's line of argument.

Character Analysis and Role of Doctor In Harvest of Corruption

Doctor (p. 65)
He is a young man of thirty-five, light-complexioned and slightly bald-headed. He works in Wazobia Hospital in Mabu. It is to him that Aloho goes for abortion when she discovers that she is Rather than contact Chief, she goes straight to this doctor with his fee in her handbag. He is reluctant to carry out the abortion of Aloho's pregnancy but does not reveal this until he had collected the large sum often thousand naira from his patient. It is after this ritual of money exchanging hands that he now asks Aloho if she wants to kill herself by insisting on the pregnancy ofthree months being suddenly aborted.
He postpones the abortion exercise a few times and on one occasion he was almost about to carry out the exercise when Nurse Halimatu rushes in to declare an emergency. From the Doctor's initial reluctance, it is safe to infer that he had arranged this "emergency" with Halimatu. Thus, the Doctor's dilly-dallying strategy stops the abortion and compels Aloho to have her baby, a girl. ordinarily Doctor is pro-life; however, his morality is questionable since he pocketsAloho's ten thousand naira fee without completing the contract between them. His dishonesty is evidenced by his asking Nurse Halimatu to leave us now and please if anybody asks of me, say I am not in, okay!" (p. 75)

Character Analysis and Role of Inspector Inaku In Harvest of Corruption

Inspector Inaku
Inspector Inaku is a detective dressed in mufti. His full name is John Odey Inaku who is a Detective Inspector in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Jacassan Police Force. In his determination to convict Chief and his accomplices, he obtains his evidence against them by bribing Ayo to secure the relevant documents. He secures Ogeyi's story with his "little tape-recorder gesturing for her to speak" (pp. 80-81). In court, he is firm and professional in the manner he presents his case against Chief and his cohorts which must have compelled the court to accept his evidence. Inaku gives the detailed information about Chief, his accessories and Ayo who accepts a bribe of two thousand naira in order to part with documents necessary for the case to be successfully prosecuted. Not withstanding Ayo's usefulness in the suit, he is prosecuted along with the other criminals.

Character Analysis and Role of Judge In Harvest of Corruption

This Judge is different from Justice odili. He is a devoted law officer who is only out to do justice. He is sprite and business-like. He is keen to get to the heart of the matter as soon as it is possible. "What are the facts of the case?" (p. 96) he asks the Prosecution Counsel once the Defence Counsel submits a "not guilty" plea. At no point does he interrupt either the Defence Counsel or the Prosecution Counsel from explaining their positions fully. However, each time there is a triviality being pursued, particularly by the Defence Counsel, he steps in to nip it in the bud. He overrules unnecessary objections, insists on explicitness in the "choice of words" (p. 103) and demands that all points raised be apposite and relevant. A few times he is humorous in court without losing focus nor fails to ask the necessary questions to move the case forward. His remark before the Jury goes out to give their verdict shows that he stands for justice and fairness. He reminds the jury that "corruption is not a friendly word to the legal institution, therefore anybody who plants corruption should be ready to harvest it' (p. 114) He charges the jury to bear in mind that "justice comes first" (p. 115). In the end, the Judge fearlessly announces the verdict of the jury and goes on to impose the sentences accordingly.

Character Analysis and Role of Lady
In Harvest of Corruption

She is not described; he only stops on sighting the madman, calling him "Showboy!" she advises the madman against "disturbing the neighbourhood with your noise She asks the insane man to "stop your noise or else I shall call Police to arrest you for noisemaking and stealing from the neighbourhood" (p. 24). Although it is not clear if the madman has her in mind when he claims that "she used to be my darling wife wen I poor", her saying "when you are poor again you can come and marry me" (p. 25) indicates that the lady believes she is the one being referred to. She describes what "Showboy" is saying as "nonsense" and declares, "I can't waste my time listening to you" (p. 25).

Character Analysis and Role of Madman In Harvest of Corruption

Called "Showboy" by Lady, madman is said to be dressed in tattered clothes and is "carrying a heavy bundle of tightly wrapped bits and pieces of junk drooping over his face He creates a scene by screaming and abusing no one in particular, while laughing from time to time. He addresses no particular audience when he says: "All of you there" (p. 23). Although his remarks seem uncoordinated they leave a lasting impression on ACP Yakubu. He says, for instance, "I be rich, I be rich man but I never steal anybody property." He also says that he is a rich man "as you see me. I dress fine" (p. 23). If appointed a President by the current President (which is a madman's talk) he will "run dis country well. No stealing" (p. 24). Moreover, he is interested in sanitation, "yes! Evrometa. Yes! Na sanitation we need abi na evrometa by ourselves not de country" (pp. 24-25). What the madman says impels ACP Yakubu into deep thought; the Assistant Commissioner considers the madman as having prescribed a cure for the country's "madness and lawlessness" (p. 25). The madman is a metaphor for the confused state, corruption and value overthrow in Jacassa.

Character Analysis and Role of Madam Hoha In Harvest of Corruption

Madam Hoha
The proprietress of Akpara Hotel at Darkin, she is among Chief's accomplices. She is tall, bulky and "seems to be having a lot out of life" (p. 11). Her skin is said to be velvety, not too light and not too dark but "could pass for ebony description." A well-fed "cash madam", she has "achieved some degree of wealth." The playwright describes her looks as those of "the familiar sight of an eastern Jacassan woman of high society." On both hands there are gold bracelets and on her four fingers gold rings with both cheeks lined by "three parallel marks, which look like the whiskers of a cat' (p. 11). She calls ochuole "the chic", the Lioness" and "Bubbling Baby" and in a moment she gossips about Chief and how his likes will "never regret their retirement because of the chain of companies they float" (p From her comments on the Chief and his ilk and how "all they do is stashing government money somewhere through some conduit pipes for the rainy day" (p. 2), it is clear that she is into abetting Chief in his nefarious activities with her two eyes wide open. It also shows that Madam Hoha is a reckless commentator who does not weigh what she says. Making all that remark against the Chief in front of his mistress shows that indeed she speaks "hoha', meaning without restraint. She has a low opinion of Chief who will easily fall when "we'll dangle this babe (Aloho) before the Chief for a price" after all he will employ her and we can make use of her to get what we want" (p. 13) When she is called "Madam de Madam" by Chief, she responds "It's a matter of cash, Chief" (p l4. Chief orders for drinks and two mortars of ishi-ewu for him and ochuole, Madam Hoha that "she her own. When she receives her largesse, she then yields to Chief joining his girl, and remarks is dying have you already" (p. 15). Madam Hoha's Akpara Hotel is Chief's tryst with his lovers. He
tells Madam Hoha that his girls "are supposed to be here waiting for me and not the other way round" (p. 38). Although we treat her here as a minor character because of her limited role in the play she receives a similar as Ochuole's, having been described as having an insatiable appetit money. Her hotel is thus sealed up "as we cannot continue to be operating havens for criminal activities under the guise of beer parlours (p. 120).

Character Analysis and Role of Market Woman In Harvest of Corruption

Market Woman
We meet her in Wusa Market where she sells rice of various types- Gwari, Nupe and Uncle Ben's. She beats the price of Gwari rice with Ogeyi until they both agree on eighty naira per mudu. An illiterate woman, she speaks Pidgin English like Alice, the tea girl. She is used by the playwright to show how Ogeyi wisely uses her money in spite of the "little pay" which still compels everyone "to buy in the same market with everybody" (p. 70).

Character Analysis and Role of Mrs Obi In Harvest of Corruption

Mrs Obi

Chief's secretary, Mrs Obi is a lady of average height, "slim with a good figure." She has on a pair of eyeglasses and is said to be light-complexioned. She is aware that Ochuole is a staff of the Ministry and is close to the Minister but she still insists on the protocol of how to see the Minister, yet without pretending to "risk it" (p. 31). Although Chief has instructed that no one sees him before 12 noon, Mrs Obi violates this rule since she knows the relationship between her boss and young women. Through her we know a bit about the Minister as one who violates his own instructions, and one who fails to follow protocol once women are concerned. Apparently Mrs obi hears little, quite ignorant of what is going on in their office until Ayo gossips to her. Informed that "Madam Aloho" has been caught at the.airport for cocaine-pushing and is "pregnant for oga (Chief, Mrs Obi snaps her fingers and remarks: thought as much. I know that all these games that have been going on will one to light" (p. 79). She describes her boss as "poor man" even as she thinks that he deserves whatever is coming to him whatever a man sows, same shall he reap. I pity (p. 79). Yet when the Sss men come for Chief, she bursts into his office, panting. She senses trouble for Chief bat e latter to be calm about it until he knows that his time is up.

Character Analysis and Role of Nurse Halimatu In Harvest of Corruption

Nurse Galimatu
A nursing sister, Halimatu works with Doctor in the Wazobia Hospital in Mabu. As the play Scene Five is dressed in "well-standard white apron with a stopwatch and biros of two different
colours decorating the front left breast pocket She has three tribal marks on each of her cheeks, is dark-complexioned and of average height. She is a cautious nurse who speaks to patients in a gentle voice. She is unpretentious and apologizes to Aloho for not recognizing her when next the latter shows up. She is obedient to Doctor and comes to inform him of an emergency when Aloho is about to be handled in the abortion theatre. It is not clear if she precipitated the emergency or not; it is not clear if it had been a ploy since we had read some reluctance on the part of the Doctor to abort Aloho's baby.

Character Analysis and Role of okpotu In Harvest of Corruption

okpotu (p. 90) Twenty-two years old, he is dark complexioned and has three tribal marks on each of his cheeks. He is Aloho's younger brother who comes into Jabu to see Ogeyi from his village. He brings the news of the death of Aloho and the survival of her baby girl. Okpotu is sent to Ogeyi by his father who would want to know the name of the man who had impregnated his daughter. He speaks in a conciliatory tone which suggests that he is not a trouble maker. Rather than be emotional that his sister had died, he asks Ogeyi who is sobbing on hearing Aloho's death to pull herself together, saying, "We all miss her. What can we relations reach Ogeyi whose name she continued to call until she gave up the ghost. He is a grateful fellow who thanks Ogeyi for "all that you did for my sister while she was alive" (p. 92). Without his appearance, it would have been difficult to have the full perspective of the Aloho subplot of the play. namely that she later had a baby, never forgot ogeyi and died thereafter.

Character Analysis and Role of Registrar In Harvest of Corruption

It is not clear if it is the same Registrar we meet at the cocaine trial as the one we meet at the Chief and his cohorts' assizes in Scene Eight. The Registrar we meet in Scene Three is a stout-looking, elderly man who is dressed in an "Elizabethan age" coat considered to be undersized for his build. Justice Odili asks him to call the first case of the day which he quickly does. Just for saying that the Prosecutor of the case is not present while the defendant's counsels are in court, Justice Odili takes umbrage at him. "Look here, Mr Registrar," Justice odili barks at him, "next time when I ask a question, I expecta direct answer" (p. 51). When next he reminds "My Lord" that the "state prosecutor came to your chamber this morn he is warned "to speak only when you are spoken to." Justice odili goes on to belittle him insisting that he should not "tell all that you see." The reason is that "you may not be able to explain the differences between what you actually see and what you imagined you saw" (p. 52). In Scene Eight the Judge treats him with more respect. There are no threats as he calls out Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka and five others. He reads out Chief's offences without any interruption and asks the jury if they are agreed on the verdict of "guilty" arrived at in the case of Chief and five others to which the Foreman of the Jury responds, "We are agreed'' (p. 116). It is the Registrar that addresses the accused persons and announces what they are convicted of: he it is too who seeks to know if any of them has reasons "why the court should not give you judgement according to the law"

Language and Style of Harvest of Corruption

structure of harvest of corruption

The play has eight scenes, each scene corresponding to an aspect of the drama. The first three centre on the nefarious activities of Chief and his criminal allies until Aloho, the Chief's errand girl, is caught at the airport with a suitcase of cocaine Scenes four, five and six are the build-up to compelling Chief face the music initiated by ACP Yakubu and Inspector Inaku. Scenes seven and eight heighten the hunger for justice marked
by the news of Aloho's death in scene seven and the prosecution of Chief and five others in Scene eight. It is a regular plot whose tuming point is the muffling of the law when Aloho though guilty of cocaine pushing is freed in a kangaroo judgement by Justice Odili. The climax is the jailing of Chief and his accomplices who had all the while seen themselves as being above the law
The play is founded on a binary value system of good and evil. Each of the prominent characters belongs to either the "good comportment or the "evil' chamber. Chief Haladu, Ochuole, Madam Hoba, Police Commissioner, Justice Odili, Ayo, Aloho and Defence Counsel fall within the 'evil' slot whereas Ogeyi, ACP Yakubu, Customs Officer, Inspector Inaku, Constable Ojo, Doctor, Prosecution Counsel. Judge, Registrar, etc, belong to the "good" axis. The 'evil' ones fight to thwart the law the "good figures
work to restore order and discipline in society. Thus, there is for the 'evil' lot a period of supremacy and enjoyment and later a moment of punishment and restoration of social form, hitherto breached. For the 'good' ones, there is a period of lamentation and worry for society and the happy decimation of disorder at the law court. There are the Police Commissioner vs ACP Yakubu, Justice Odili vs Registrar Aloho vs ogeyi, Defence Counsel vs Prosecution Counsel, Chief vs Customs officer, etc open and muted conflicts arising from contrasting value convictions
In other words. there is a time of sewing corruption, tendering it and harvesting it. What Mrs Obi says with respect to her boss is instructive "Well I think he deserves whatever is coming to him It is real harvest time for him. Whatever
a man sows, same shall he reap" (p. 79)

Pidgin English as a factor of social difference In the play "harvest of corruption"

The playwright deploys language in order to show social differentiation. His sane and educated characters use good English while his not-so-educated figures use Pidgin l English or mix them. The madman, market woman and Alice use Pidgin. Madam Hoha brings in a line of Pidgin -Chop am if you like" (p. 15) when she wants to assert that ochuole is too eager to have Chief all to herself. The slang, "what's cooking baby?" (p. 15) is Chief's manner of melting the social distance between him and his mistress. warns Chief not to call her "baby again" (p. 15) after the huge monetary gift she does not protest he calls her "You bitch" (p. 16) ochuole, like Madam Hoha, uses Pidgin English too. While when ochuole's Madam Hoha's use is the last sentence of her remark, is the very first sentence of her first remark in the play. She runs into Aloho and screams, "Na your face be this?' (p. 1)She subsequently uses Pidgin further to socialize with her friend who has just come into Jabu to look for work: "Make you take ya time to think am out before you decide because once my oga take you, he no go let you go again o" (p. 4). Because Pidgin is a language of the masses, the madman cannot but address his imaginary mass audience in Pidgin which he begins by calling out to the people, "All of you there you no fit be like me" p. 23). Imagining he is also before a large audience, the madman responds to Lady who cautions him on noise-making by saying, "You see wetin I mean?" The market woman speaks Pidgin English for the short period she appears in the play. She pidginizes "Good afternoon" to read "Guduafunu" (p. 69), and incorporates a local lexical item, "mudu" in her Pidgin utterance. The tea-girl in the Minister's office speaks Pidgin the short time she speaks in the play, interspersed with tolerable English. Ayo, the clerk, speaks of Aloho being "pregnant for oga" (p. 78). All the while he had spoken in faultless English

The use of Irony in harvest of corruption

The entire play is built on underlying irony
Whereas Chief presents a good image of himself to theoutside world and his Defence Counsel holds onto that in order to save his client's job in the court of he has been doing underneath public perception is different. The Defence Counsel speaks of everybody having been "satisfied and his staff in the Ministry speak(ing) eloquently of his magnanimity generosity and charisma" (p. 110). Earlier chief had said of himself, "My records as a public servant are clean and I am a responsible and respectably married man with children" (p. 108)
However, the verdict of the Jury is different, considering the Judge's announcement. The very first sentence of the announcement is worth making reference to: "I shall not call or address you as Chief because you do not deserve it" (p. 117). He later states: "I am strongly of the opinion that this country must be protected against unscrupulous public officers of your type, who abuse their positions of trust and responsibility thereby betraying the confidence reposed in them" (p. 118) irony resides in the activities or even utterances of some of the characters. Early in the play Madam Hoha, one of Chief's accomplices, describes people of Chief's ilk as "dubious" since a do is "stashing government money somewhere through some conduit pipes for the rain
day" (p. 12) mentioning Ochuole specifically as one of these pipes. While pointing a finger at Ochuole fingers point at her. This is because later on her hotel is identified as Chief's "warehouse and a hideout for his dubious business and a meeting point for executing his obnoxious plans" (p. 100) As a non serious Minister he had directed his secretary, Mrs Obi, not to allow anybody see him before 12 noon "no matter who or what he or she
is" (p. 32) but he welcomes Ochuole and Aloho who break this rule and even goes ahead to promise the latter a job. Another irony is scored when Aloho, upon the promise of a job, thanks Chief, saying, "I cannot thank you enough. God will reward your goodness, Chief" (p35). Later, Alobo describes him as a very cheerful and considerate man. God will bless him" (p. 37) However, not long after when she had become pregnant for Chief, Aloho turns round to give us another view of the Minister: "That Chief is a devil, the very Satan himself" (p. 57).

4. Use of symbolism in harvest of corruption

Two symbols or symbolic events take place in the play. The first one is the appearance of the madman. He is tattered "carrying a heavy bundle of tightly wrapped bits and pieces of junk drooping over his face" (p. 23). This is symbolic of the country of Jacassa said to be in need of "sanitation" or "evrometa" (p.24). Being a mad country, a country morally debased, Jacassa requires a madman to rule her
"Yes! I wan run dis country well." Part of the problem of the country stealing, therefore, "no stealing" (p. 24) after all the madman swears, "I never steal anybody property. I no be thief becos I de satisfy for wetin l get'' (p. 23). Even ACP Yakubu understands the symbolism of the madman's appearance, his junk on his head and his suggestion of cleaning out the entire place. Says the ACP: "l think the madman himselfsymbolizes the country, which is ridden with madness and lawlessness" (p. 25) The other symbolism in the play is Aloho's dream. It is a nightmare whose head or tail she cannot fathom. In the dream she saw a coffin right in front of her. She could not know whose coffin it was Suddenly her mother, sisters and brothers "gathered around it and were crying" (p. 71). Aloho simply
stood staring at the coffin without being able to cry along with her mother. In a moment the coffin disappeared and Aloho woke up with sweat all over her face. Ogeyi may or may not have known the significance of her friend's dream but she plays down on it by blaming her for forgetting to pray before you slept" (p. 71 Symbolically, the truth is that the coffin is Aloho's and those crying know that one of them would be no more. She herself could not cry because she would be the one to be missed sooner or later.

Use of allusion in harvest of corruption

There are few cases of allusion in the play. An allusion is an explicit or indirect reference to what has happened elsewhere, either in history, the Bible, myths and legends, the gods, etc for purposes of association or comparison. On page 14 of the play, Chief surrenders to Madam Hoha's request to cater for her welfare with "I am not ready for another Biafran war this evening ooo!" This is a reference to the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War of 1967-70. After Aloho has become pregnant and is advised by Ogeyi to go back to the village to consult with her mother, she refers to herself as "prodigal daughter" (p. 87). It is a reference to the Bible, the story of the "prodigal son" who lavishes his father's welfare and goodwill before deciding to go back to the house. Another reference to the Bible is the Judge's assertion that "the wages of sin is death" (p. 114) though he says he is not sure if the death "is a physical or spiritual one" (p. 114). Similarly, echoing Christ in the Bible, the Judge refers to people like Chief as those "who dress in sheep clothing when actually they are wolves" (p. 117).


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